Welcome to Bowfishing Donkey!

Welcome to Bowfishing Donkey, where every shot tells a story, and each catch holds a memory. I’m James Bass (my pseudonym), and I am more than just an avid fisherman – a storyteller, a nature enthusiast, and your guide around, about, and through the enchanting fishing world.

As young men growing up in Virginia, we constantly fished- river, lake, pond, bow, boating, wading, bridging, or bank fishing. And when we’d get a big one, we’d call that a Donkey! Now you know why I called this site Bowfishing Donkey.

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My Journey with the Bow and Arrow

My passion for bow fishing ignited in the serene, whispering waters of Southwest Virginia, where, as a young enthusiast, I experienced the electrifying rush of striking a fish with my arrow. Those early mornings by the water, under the gentle light of dawn, were not just about the hunt; they were about immersing myself in nature, syncing with its rhythms, and mastering the arts of precision and timing.

As the years passed, my bow fishing adventures expanded from the familiar creeks of Yellow Breaches to the expansive, wild blue of Smith Mountain Lake. The places where I aimed my arrow became integral to my story. Whether I was targeting the resilient smallmouth bass or skillfully aiming for rainbow trout, each venture honed my abilities and fortified my bond with bow fishing.

A Life Built Around Bow and Arrow

In the last 40 years, I’ve delved deep into the realm of bow fishing. My journey has led me to various continents, exploring a myriad of water bodies and challenging myself against numerous fish species. Each expedition has been a lesson in the craft of bow fishing and the critical importance of aquatic conservation.

Credibility Builders

  • Years of Experience: More than 40 years of active bow fishing experience.
  • Places Fished: From the tranquil waters of Lady Lake, Florida, to the challenging environment of Silverwood Lake, California, each offering unique thrills and lessons.
  • Expertise: Profound knowledge of diverse bow fishing techniques, adapted for freshwater, saltwater, and brackish environments, along with the latest gear, strategies, and fish handling techniques.
  • Community Engagement: An active participant and contributor to various bow fishing clubs and online communities, including the Facebook group Hunting Donkey.

Sharing My Passion

At Bowfishing Donkey, my goal is to share this exhilarating world with you. From recounting tales of narrow escapes and victorious strikes to advising on the ideal equipment, I’m here to relay a lifetime of bow fishing stories and wisdom. This site is a haven for everyone – from novices embarking on their first bow fishing trip to expert archers in search of their next challenging catch.

Join Me on This Adventure

Whether you’re here for captivating stories, tips for your next bow fishing outing, or seeking guidance on top-notch gear, Bowfishing Donkey is your portal to the thrilling world of bow fishing. Let’s embark on this adventure together, one arrow, one aim, one catch at a time.

James Bass, Donkey Website Creator

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Our Team

James Kitts: Hunting and Fishing Expert, Blogger, and Editor

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With over 25 years of hands-on experience in the wilderness, James is a seasoned hunter and fisherman with an authoritative voice in both communities. Having ventured through diverse terrains, pursuing game ranging from deer and bear to trout and striper, James brings a wealth of practical knowledge and deep respect for the sport and conservation.

Passionate about sharing this knowledge, James has developed and now manages over ten websites dedicated to hunting and fishing.

These platforms are not just hubs for sharing hunting stories and tips but also serve as comprehensive guides for fellow hunting enthusiasts, from beginners to veterans. They offer insights into different hunting techniques, strategies for various game types, and personal narratives that bring the reader right into the heart of the hunt.

Recognizing the vital role of gear and technology in successful hunting, James stays abreast of the latest developments in the field. From high-tech trail cameras to the newest in scent control, James’ expertise extends to rigorously reviewing and recommending products. As an affiliate marketer, James has built a reputation for honest, in-depth reviews that have helped countless hunters make informed decisions about their equipment.

James’ journey through the wild has been more than just pursuing game; it’s about understanding wildlife, respecting nature, and embracing the evolving technology that enhances the hunting experience. Through his website posts, James continues to foster a community where knowledge, experience, and a passion for hunting are shared and celebrated.

Contact info:  outreach@deerdonkey.com

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